Hill Country Black Rifles offers a number of courses, the basic course in pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  We offer classes just for women, couples, and all others.  Our staff will help you to get ready for our more advanced courses.  We will help you to reach your goals to be a safe and knowledgeable shooter.
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Before we do anything, we will inspect your weapon for safety and proper functioning. Weapons that are not safe to handle or to fire will be returned to the customer. Alternatively, with the customers authorization, we will have our gunsmith repair the weapon before refinishing.
Where necessary, the weapon will be completely disassembled. AR15 uppers have to have their barrels removed from the upper receivers. 1911's and any other type pistols will be completely stripped.
Your weapon and each of its parts will be individually degreased by hand and brush to ensure that any carbon buildup or heavy grease deposits are removed. This ensures that our blast media does not get contaminated by oil - thereby ensuring perfectly clean surface area to accept Cerakote™.
Acetone Bath
After degreasing, we will bathe the parts and firearm in an acetone to remove any degreaser and to further clean the steel surfaces.
Aluminum Oxide blast booth
All weapon components that are being coated will be stripped by the use of aluminum oxide. We use this medium because the aluminum oxide prepares the surface structure of the steel by opening its pores.
Freshly blasted parts are strung on wire or placed in custom jigs and immediately sprayed to minimize exposure to air and entrapment to moisture. Each part is hand sprayed by HVLP gun, including the smallest pins. 
Rack & Bake
After the application of the appropriate color, the weapon and it's parts are hung by wire or placed on our jigs to eliminate any surface contact and put in oven to bake according to prescribed require
After the parts cool, each part is inspected for proper coverage, look and feel. Any part that does not meet our rigorous criteria for perfection is stripped and submitted to the procedure again. Your weapon is then assembled by our gunsmith and checked for proper functioning.
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