Hill Country Black Rifles offers a number of courses, the basic course in pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  We offer classes just for women, couples, and all others.  Our staff will help you to get ready for our more advanced courses.  We will help you to reach your goals to be a safe and knowledgeable shooter.
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Complete Rifle Assembly (Includes test fire)
Upper Assembly
Lower Assembly
Handgun Installation
Trigger Installation
Muzzle Device Pin/Weld
Endplate Removal/Installation
Barrel Cut Down/Rethread
Barrel Dimpling (Forward of Gasblock)
Barrel Dimpling (Gasblock Back)
Barrel Re-Profiling
GI Trigger Job (3.5-4.5 lb)
Dimple Barrel for Gasblock Setscrews
Miscellaneous Work
Refinishing (Cerakote/KG)
Long Guns
Miscellaneous Parts
Refinishing (Hydro-film)
Long Guns
Miscellaneous Parts
Sight Installation
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